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22nd March 2013

World Of Warcraft: Pearl Of Pandaria


Written by: Micky Neilson
Art by: Sean Galloway
Publisher: DC Comics
Page count: 128
Published: Sep 19 2012

World of Warcraft: Pearl of Pandaria introduces Li Li Stormstout, a precocious young student who lives atop a giant turtle called Shen-zin Su. Like the rest of the wandering island's pandaren, Li Li comes from a line of adventurers who left their homeland long ago to explore the world...and she wants nothing more than to chase that dream. But when Li Li runs away to find her famous uncle Chen, how will she survive Azeroth's perils?

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12th March 2013

Starcraft II: Stealing Thunder


Written by: Micky Neilson
Art by: Sam Didier
Expanded Universe: Starcraft 2

Despite the sweltering heat on Gamma Dorian, Isaac White stayed cool. No matter what, Isaac White always stayed cool. Not just because he wore a temperature-controlled hardskin. No, he stayed cool because in his line of work, if you didn't stay cool, you could kiss your sweet ass goodbye.

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5th March 2013

The Starcraft Archive: An Anthology


Written by: J. Grubb, G. Mesta, T. Hickman, M. Neilson
Art by: Glenn Rane
Publisher: Gallery Books
Page count: 736
Published: Nov 13 2007

The city sprawled beneath Mike’s feet like an overturned bucket of jade cockroaches. From the dizzying height of Handy Anderson’s office, he could almost see the horizon between the taller buildings. The city reached that far, forming a jagged, spiked tear along the edge of the world.

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