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16th April 2019

Strange Highways Vol.1


Written by: M. Neilson and S. Didier
Art by: S.Dider and A. Horley
Publisher: Insight Comics
Page count: 184
Published: May 14, 2019

After seceding from the oppressive USA, the Lone Star Nation has been reduced to a desolate wasteland full of biker gangs, strip clubs, and run-down towns where justice usually comes in the form of a bullet—and lots of ’em to boot. In this new Texas, the bizarre is commonplace, and every soul on the road has something to hide.

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9th August 2014

World Of Warcraft: Gul'dan And The Stranger


Written by: Micky Neilson
Art by: Alex Horley
Format: Online PDF
Page count: 10
Published: Aug 7 2014

The drums of war have begun to sound for Draenor’s orcs, and the power-mad warlock Gul’dan is the latest to play them. Brimming with fel energy, Gul’dan is convinced that his people will gain glory and strength if they only kneel to the demonic Burning Legion. But a hooded stranger has recently arrived in Gul’dan’s camp with a somewhat... contradictory vision.

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24th September 2013

World Of Warcraft: Curse Of The Worgen


Written by: Micky Neilson and James Waugh
Art by: John Polidora/Wei Wang/Glenn Rane (covers) and Ludo Lullabi (pencils) and Tony Washington (colors)
Publisher: DC Comics
Page count: 160 (collected issues)
Published: 2012

A series of grisly, animalistic murders have rocked the walled town of Gilneas. A famous detective sets out to discover the perpetrators and finds far more than he bargained for. To find the truth, he must delve through years of twisted history – both the history of his family and Gilneas itself.

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13th May 2013

World Of Warcraft: Ashbringer


Written by: Micky Neilson and James Waugh
Art by: Cory Robinson (cover), Ludo Lullabi (cover/pencils) and Tony Washington (colors)
Publisher: DC Comics/Wildstorm
Page count: 136 (collected issues)
Published: Nov 9 2012

Hidden away, a mighty blade is forged from a dark orb! In the hands of Highlord Alexandros Mograine, the blade will become legend. In time, both blade and man will become . . . Ashbringer.

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22nd March 2013

World Of Warcraft: Pearl Of Pandaria


Written by: Micky Neilson
Art by: Sean Galloway
Publisher: DC Comics
Page count: 128
Published: Sep 19 2012

World of Warcraft: Pearl of Pandaria introduces Li Li Stormstout, a precocious young student who lives atop a giant turtle called Shen-zin Su. Like the rest of the wandering island's pandaren, Li Li comes from a line of adventurers who left their homeland long ago to explore the world...and she wants nothing more than to chase that dream. But when Li Li runs away to find her famous uncle Chen, how will she survive Azeroth's perils?

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