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16th January 2015

Don't Give Up!


For instance, if you've started a blog and find that you keep forgetting to add entries to it, don't give up!

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9th August 2014

World Of Warcraft: Gul'dan And The Stranger


Written by: Micky Neilson
Art by: Alex Horley
Format: Online PDF
Page count: 10
Published: Aug 7 2014

The drums of war have begun to sound for Draenor’s orcs, and the power-mad warlock Gul’dan is the latest to play them. Brimming with fel energy, Gul’dan is convinced that his people will gain glory and strength if they only kneel to the demonic Burning Legion. But a hooded stranger has recently arrived in Gul’dan’s camp with a somewhat... contradictory vision.

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22nd July 2014

Starcraft: War Stories


Written by: Various Authors
Art by: Luke Mancini (cover)
Publisher: Pocket Star Books
Page count: 548
Published: Jul 21 2014

As the Swarm boils in chaotic uncertainty, Arcturus Mengsk has seized this opportunity to bolster his Dominion forces. He has gathered a seasoned team of scientists—the best terran minds in the Koprulu sector—to unravel the secrets of the savage zerg and the enigmatic protoss. Because in this brutal corner of the galaxy, the human race is going to need every chance it can get.

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21st June 2014

Hunger Moon

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Written by: Micky Neilson
Art by: Heino Brand
Chapters: 4

A multi-part, original Horror story published on Goodreads. A tie-in to a larger series still in the works.

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