The Fold Cover

21st April 2020

Skiptracer: The Fold (Book 2)

Written by: M. Neilson
Publisher: Aethon Books
Page count: 278
Published: April 21, 2020

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Another job, another problem.

Skiptracer Blake Hartley has formed a tenuous alliance with the alien Sekkha on what should be an easy job: escort a young boy named Jorn Freyul to their client. That’s it.

But they soon find out that Jorn is more than he seems. He’s known as the Exegent, a divine-like figure among members of a fanatical order called the Fold.

Unfortunately for Blake and Sekkha, Jorn also possesses classified information that will not only put their lives in jeopardy, but also ties in to a devastating secret from Blake’s last job—Hypertek.

Now, Blake must hide the boy from Fold zealots while fighting to prevent yet another interstellar war.In other words, situation normal.

The high-octane sequel to Hypertek is here, and once this thrill-ride across the future sinks it’s claws into you, it doesn’t let up. Grab your copy today.