Lexi's Peril Cover

11th July 2016

Lexi's Peril

Written by: Micky Neilson
Chapters: 7

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‘The Bullet’

Lexi Peterson found the bullet in a box of her dead father’s things.

There had been a stack of magazines-Fish and Stream, Outdoor Life, Guns and Ammo, a canteen, some gun oil, papers, an old pair of binoculars-and that bullet. It was weird; shiny and smooth, same color as the heart pendant Dad had gotten her for her ninth birthday, just last year.

Outside, Chewy was barking his head off. From where she was sitting in the middle of the daylight basement floor, Lexi looked through the two windows set high in the east wall to the sky outside. It was almost full dark.

Just then Chewy’s barking was overpowered by the sound of Tina yelling “shut up!” as loud as she could from the kitchen window.